The Best Apps to Manage Your Fitness Business Online

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Choosing the right app can make working with online clients and running your fitness business much easier.

As a fitness entrepreneur, you have lots of things to keep up with, from managing appointments to tracking your business’s success. Luckily, you don’t have to do everything by yourself as there are so many great apps that can help you manage your fitness business online, streamline your efforts, and keep you organized.

In this article, we will present to you the 5 best apps for personal trainers, fitness coaches, and nutrition professionals.

Whether you are new to the online fitness industry or you are a seasoned personal trainer, there is nothing more important than how you manage your customers, how you deliver your services, and how you keep your clients adherent so they continue to get the best results.

The results from a satisfied client, a happy fitness instructor, and the right app have incredible side effects of increased retention, more referrals, and more social proof. In other words, more online clients, more sales, and more profit.

If the delivery of your product or service don’t work for you or your customers and you use the wrong app to manage your fitness business then you can expect unhappy clientele, lower retention, no referrals, and poor results.

Let’s look at the five best apps recommended by successful online fitness businesses.


5 Apps for Online Fitness Coaches, Instructors, and Trainers

There are many apps and various types of software available for online fitness coaches and instructors to assist in the management of online clients and improving service delivery.

Here are the top apps to manage your fitness business:



Trainerize is one of the best apps for managing a fitness business. This software allows you to engage with clients through online fitness programs, private group training, and more.

The app comes with great features such as:

  • Create custom workouts from your templates
  • Track personal bests with badge icons
  • Prescribe interval workouts to your customers
  • Share custom exercise videos
  • Explore libraries of ready exercises
  • Get notification when a client checks-in on a workout
  • Monitor your clients’ workouts, before and after photos
  • Build group training

Another thing we love about this app is that it is very easy to use. You can program the exercise reps, sets, and progressions with a few clicks.

True Coach

If you want to grow your fitness business, you can easily do that with the number one app created for gym owners, coaches, and personal trainers. Used by over 5000+ fitness gurus, TrueCoach comes with great features:

  • Upload PDF client resources
  • Organize application forms and track responses
  • Built-in messaging
  • FitBit integration
  • Food diary syncing
  • Pre-built onboarding forms
  • Have your logo, brand, and colors integrated into your domain

We love how user-friendly the app is. Some other features we like are progress tracking, client accessible equipment list, etc.


Apotheo is a great app and is specially designed for nutrition coaching. Whether you are just starting out with nutrition coaching or you are in the business for some time now, this is a great app for you to use.

Some of the most important features the app comes with are:

  • Access to pre-built sign up forms
  • Upload PDFs and reference materials
  • Organize application forms
  • Access signed agreements from your client’s profiles
  • Your logo and colors integrated into your domain

The app is pretty flexible in regard to what you can add to it. The ability to sync with apps and send reminders for clients’ updates is very helpful. The app is easy to use and both fitness entrepreneurs and customers find it great.

My PT Hub

This is an online mobile and web app, allowing fitness professionals, personal trainers, and instructors to manage their clients by creating personalized training and nutrition plans while tracking their achievements.

Like any other app you see on this list, My PT Hub comes with a great set of features:

  • Track your clients’ progress
  • Add an unlimited number of sales
  • Create unlimited nutrition plans
  • Accept online payments
  • Create unlimited training plans
  • Manage accounts recipes and billings
  • Custom app and branding

When compared the prices of other apps, My PT Hub is one of the cheapest apps on this list to manage your online fitness business. The workout builder is easy, however, the client’s view of workouts can be a bit confusing.


PT Distinction

PT Personal is a cutting-edge personal trainer app and is everything you would ever need to manage your online fitness business.

Some of the features included are:

  • Schedule programs with automation
  • Create your own training app to promote your brand
  • Build systems for a scalable training business
  • Access to a library of marketing resources
  • Integrate FitBit, MyFitnessPal, and MyZone
  • Track progress and give support through various coaching tools
  • Flexible program building
  • Create a group training system

If you want to move your fitness business online, this is one of the best apps to use. It is simple to use and you can sync it with other apps, making it simple to coach people online and in-person.

You can also link it with your website and blog which is a great touch and gives your service the “wow” factor. It is a perfect opportunity to impress your future clients and convince them to use your products or services.

As you can see, there are numerous online training apps available with all kinds of features. As personal training and nutrition coaching are becoming more and more probably, we are going to see even more apps launching.

The important thing to remember is that no matter which app you use to manage your fitness business online – it has to work for both you and your clients.

If it doesn’t work for both sides, it won’t work at all. Before choosing cheap apps to manage your fitness business, make sure to consider these five options. Test which one is most suitable for your business and feels right for your brand. All apps offer free trials.

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