How to Monetize Your Fitness Website: 9 Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging

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For many fitness bloggers, running their website is a matter of dedication and passion. It is an opportunity to share knowledge, interests, and ideas with people from all over the world. And since blog writers create unique content on a regular basis, the websites are also valuable for improving SEO rankings and enhancing the online presence of individual creatives, businesses, and brands.

But, as many fitness-related writers and entrepreneurs have learned, passion doesn’t pay rent. The responsibilities that come with operating a great blog are time-consuming: promoting your blog online, writing posts daily, sending emails to subscribers, engaging with visitors, and more.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are numerous avenues for bloggers and website owners to earn money online. Whether you already have a website up and running or you are in need of a guide on how to start a blog, consider these methods to monetize your fitness website and earn extra income.

Here is how to make money blogging:


Sell or Rent Your Fitness Videos

If your website is based on video content, consider promoting your video posts as a way to monetize your website material.

When planning your vlogging strategy, it is essential to think about the content that your readers will find valuable that they will pay for it. Instructional videos are a great example of videos that viewers will consult with more than once, such as complex exercise tutorials.

Ongoing video courses from how to prepare healthy meals to using sports equipment are another example of video content that website visitors will be willing to pay for.

Get Sponsored by a Popular Fitness Brand

Another great method to monetize your fitness website or blog is to get sponsored by a popular brand. When using this method, you don’t need to write entire posts, reviews or recommendations. You can feature the brand in your blog’s header or in your social media content.

This kind of sponsorship doesn’t impact your creative freedom and can be helpful if you find a fitness brand that you appreciate.


Offer Exclusive Access to Premium Content

Your website or blog posts offer more than information. They are a combination of your expertise, experience, and unique perspective. People come to your website because you offer special value, whether it is life-hacking tips, professional fitness advice or any type of training. You’ve come a long way to achieve this authority and you continue to work hard to share it with your visitors and potential clients. It is legitimate that you charge a fee to access portions of this unique content.

To persuade readers that your website posts are worth paying for, you need to keep some parts available for viewing. You can use free samples to capture your audience’s attention and get them hooked on your site’s content.


Earn Money from Online Ads

One of the best methods to make money is to show ads throughout your website and collect revenues from every click. The best thing about this option is that it requires minimal effort. To monetize your fitness website with ads set up an account with an ads platform and connect it to your website.

For the ads on your website to be profitable, you want to make sure that they relate to your readers’ interests. Using the Google Adsense app, you can define which industries, fields, and categories of ads should be displayed on your website.


Create Amazon Associate Account

Amazon is eager to partner with website owners and bloggers to increase sales on the platform. The Amazon Associate program was created especially for that reason. By creating an account, you can start displaying ads and links for Amazon products on your website and get a commission for every purchase that was done from your website.


Offer personalized training or coaching

Another helpful way to think about monetizing your website is to look at the website as a platform where you can position yourself as an authority in a specific theme and a place where you share all your insights with others. People come to your website because they are interested in what you have to say when it comes to fitness, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Why not offer them a personalized experience in the form of online coaching or training. If you use your blog to share your passion for fitness, you could offer one-on-one videos supporting people’s efforts to lose weight, eat healthier, etc.


Promote Your Fitness Blog to Grow Exposure

All of the methods we’ve shared with you will not yield much profit if your website doesn’t bring in traffic. For your website to be profitable, you need to make sure that visitors keep coming and the best way to do so is to promote it. The best way to promote your fitness blog is to:

  • Work social networks
  • Use email marketing
  • Optimize for search engines


Write an eBook and Sell It Online

If you get visitors coming into your website and interested in reading your thoughts, why not offer them a better version in the form of an eBook?

The eBook can be an elaboration on topics that you cover in your blog or it can introduce a question or theme that is relevant to your audience.

Think of the eBook not as a way to earn more money but as an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your fitness niche.


Sell Products

In today’s digital age, some bloggers become so po[ular that they create a market for branded products inspired by their unique content. For example, the online yoga entrepreneur Candace Moore sells yoga clothing, branded mugs, notebooks, and more.

You can consider adding an online fitness store and sell different types of products that are related to your blog’s content.

Hopefully, you found these ways to monetize your fitness website useful and you’ll start making money in no time.

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