How to Sell  Products on eBay in 2020

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eBay is a top online marketplace with millions of enthusiasts. By 2018 more than 170 million people were selling products on eBay. What is more, you can even engage in product-selling on eBay with Shopify. Has it ever struck you that some of the fanciest, unlikelyproducts, are the hottest selling products on eBay now? Sellers have even made money by offering used or unwanted gifts to buyers. Let us find out more about some of the top selling items on eBay today.


Beauty Products

Is itsurprising that one of the bestselling items on eBay today comprise beauty products? Predictably, top of the list is perfumes. Think of it, aren’t beauty productsamong the most popular birthday and Christmas gifts? Such items include makeup, hair straighteners, Moroccan oil treatment, makeup mirror, perfume, hair dryers, and skin cleansing packs. Indeed, these are considered runaway bestsellers on the eBay marketplace. Surprisingly, men’s razor blades also feature here! The revenue generated was actuallymore than $5 million in just a year.


Fitness Trackers

Another surprising item on this list is fitness trackers. High up on the list is diabetes test strips.Indeed, health issues comprise one of the most significant challenges faced by men and women globally.



Still, on the popular fitness theme, bicycles also feature as one of the topmost selling items on eBay. Unbelievably, researchers found out that eBay enthusiasts in the US, on average, search for bicycles at least once every minute. Moreover, bicycles were found to be stable items, in terms of value. Ultimately this makes them a favorite among items that get resold on the platform. Most of these bicycles sold for $400 on average.


Home and Garden

Home and garden also perform quite well on the top seller list. From the accessibility standpoint, one can confidently say that these are among the best products on eBay.  Some of the bestselling sub-items in this category are lamps, cushions, plant pots and old wall prints that were found to be popular as resales. In 2018, the top-selling item in this class was a set of Egyptian bed sheets. With 40,000 units sold, it netted the seller close to half a million dollars in revenue. At the same time, items like LED lights, gas generators, and vacuum cleaners also did reasonably well.


When it comes to item-by-item sales ranking, iPhone products are top of the game. And the most popular item here is probably surprising:  the iPhone 7 replacement screen protector. Other popular iPhone family products include in-car iPhone holders, luxury iPhone leather cases, general screen protectors, and iPhone silicone cases. Moreover, one can even sell, in a flash, any used iPhone gear just lying around the house.


Video Games

Among eBay’s runaway bestselling items are video games and their varied consoles. It is an accomplished fact that the market for these products is huge and keeps growing. Other factors that have made the sale of video games soar include the fact that they are lightweight and easy to ship, have solid profit returns and are well understood by purchasers. It is notable that some of the items that feature as the most searched-for are also top sellers. Among these are Apple Air Pods, Nintendo 3Ds, Sony PlayStation, Baby Shark merchandise and Yellies.


How to sell like a Pro on eBay for Beginners

Veterans who have worked on eBay for relatively long have a tendency to target the best-selling items while trying to create a niche out of these. However, as a beginner what can you do to start turning that burning desire into real money? First ask yourself: What is my motivation? Most people come to eBay simply to make money. The motivation for this, however, differs from one person to another. Some even turn to eBay merely as a supplementary source of income. Some do so as a simple hobby.

Whatever the case, eBay offers you an opportunity to achieve your dreams. Just remember that this is your own business. You, therefore, need to be focused and determined in order to succeed. Eventually, your success depends on a commitment to certain vital principles including dedication to clients, discipline, consistency, passion and sound practices of business. If well done, e bay offers great potential for financial independence and success in business.


A caveat is in order, though: While the potential for success on eBay selling productsis good, you need to put your best foot forward to succeed. Otherwise, you could quickly set yourself up for failure. Once you decide to venture into eBay, you need to make this a lifestyle. Remember that it can be great fun being on eBay selling products. You,therefore, have the opportunity to combine interest and fun, turning these into profit. Ensure you sell in quantities that make business sense. As a beginner, this means limiting your inventory, at least in the short run.

What to Avoid on eBay

Interestingly, some things should, apparently, never be bought or sold on the eBay platform. These include such merchandise as bridesmaid dresses, posters, adult t-shirts, and diamond rings. These invariably have the worst sell-through rates on eBay. Do remember that the bestselling products here do not seem like the most sensible items one might think of! most of the time, the profits are less despite the competition being steeper.

Financial status

Your financial status also comes into play. For instance, you may be unable to buy a major inventory for reselling. Just start slow with whatever you can sell. Even with little or no investment, you can sell everyday items like electronics, collectibles, clothes, and household items.

If you have passion involving certain areas of personal interest, this could be your strength. Perhaps you are also knowledgeable about some unique issues that could easily be monetized. Such factors can be just what you needed to launch successfully into eBay business. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and jump into the play.Always think outside the box. Ensure to position yourself for success. This should be largely a mental affair. Eventually, you will gain your success steadily as you sell products on eBay.

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