Instagram Influencer Marketing to Promote Your Fitness Business

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We can all agree that we all spend more time than ever staring at our smartphones in 2019. Did you know that more than 40% of the world’s population is using social media, with 60% of them saying they are always online?

People today spend an average of 2-3 hours on social media every day and almost 1 hour get spent on Instagram alone. Having a killer Instagram strategy for your fitness brand and business is important, but using influencer marketing to promote your fitness business is what’s most efficient.


What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing focuses on targeting popular people and industry leaders with lots of followers and a high engagement rate on social media. These influencers will then drive brand messaging and promote brand awareness to a specific group of customers.

There are many benefits that come with influencer marketing such as reading an extensive base of people, promoting brand awareness, and improving the engagement rate.

How to Work With Instagram Influencers?

It is easy to come across influencers on Instagram, however, don’t be tempted to reach out to everyone you see. There are a few things you need to consider when you start planning to start alliances with influencers to promote your fitness business.

These points will get you thinking about your strategy and your plan for influencer marketing.


Target Audience

If you are considering brand alignment you are probably thinking about the audience. Your audience should be the priority of your digital marketing strategy.


Brand Alignment

There are thousands of influencers on Instagram and each is known for something specific. It could be the way they communicate with their followers, their aesthetic or something else. Make sure you are thinking about your brand and how your values align with each influencer you want to use.

You want to keep your fitness brand consistent across all social media platforms. Make sure to choose the right people for collaboration.



One of the best marketing strategies to promote your fitness business is posting unique content. One survey shows that more than 90% of customers say authenticity is important when deciding which brand they support. Influencers will create the content for you and that could be a photo, video, sponsored post or any other type of media.

Your social media strategy will help you choose the best option. While you can brief your influencer on your business and target audience, they know what works for the audience, what’s popular, and the type of post that will get engagement.


Find a Niche and Calculate Your Budget

A part of your marketing plan to promote your fitness business on Instagram should be finding your niche. What are we trying to say is that it is better to focus your efforts on smaller and more niche influencers. Start collaborations with people who have a more modest following of engaged and loyal users but with a more narrow focus. It is important to turn your focus from quantity to quality.

With a defined budget in mind, the influencer marketing industry is yours to explore. Influencers with more than 100k followers will be more expensive to work with and those with under 100k are defined as micro-influencers and their pricing will be more affordable.

By considering these points, you will map out your influencer marketing strategy. Having a long term vision is key with any marketing move especially when it comes to increasing engagement, ROI, and measuring performance.


How to Measure Campaign Performance

A critical step in creating influencer marketing campaigns is establishing clear goals. This will help you track the campaign performance. Some of the common Instagram influencer marketing goals are:

  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing target customer reach
  • Promoting brand advocacy
  • Managing a brand reputation
  • Increasing engagement

While these goals are good to start with, they are very broad. To ensure you are taking the right approach, you need to dive deeper. It is best if you set more specific goals. That way you will track the ROI easier and more accurate.

Well-defined goals should be as specific as possible, realistic, and have a set tracking period.

Once you will establish your goals, set some metrics to measure. The metrics could include follower growth, brand mentions, number of clicks or impressions, engagement rate, etc. If you are having trouble determining what metrics might look like for your fitness business, find other businesses for inspiration.

Why Use an Influencer Marketing Platform

The influencer marketing platform is a software system, designed to help both sides (businesses and influencers) with marketing campaigns. The software helps businesses find suitable influencers and influencers find suitable partners.

Depending on which platform you choose, The Instagram marketing platform can provide tools and access to huge databases. Find includes who have opted-in to receive briefs from companies. It also features tools that will help you narrow down the options and select the best partner for collaboration.

From micro-influencers to popular ones with millions of followers, the influencer marketing platforms can help you wind a vast range of people to work out on sponsored posts and branded content.

The prices for this type of software may vary. Klear is one option (it offers a great startup plan that allows you to work with up to 50 influencers a month). Activate is another great option. This software offers great data insights and tracking tools.

Using an influencer marketing platform comes with numerous benefits – easy access to a huge base of relevant influencers, accurate tracking for campaign metrics including conversions, ROI, engagement, and clicks, admin of sourcing influencers is taken care of so you can focus on developing future marketing strategies, metrics, and goals.

Now that you know how to market and promote your fitness business on Instagram, it is time to do some careful planning.

Don’t forget to be selective with who you choose to represent your business, make sure to select realistic goals and not get carried away with unattainable goals, and establish your metrics to evaluate how they are performing throughout each campaign. Read nore about


Be patient and learn from each campaign!


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